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Wrongful Death of Employee

An employee of a company in the State of Delaware was killed at work (within the scope of his employment) operating a vehicle in Licking County. The employee lost control and suffers traumatic brain injury (TBI) which ultimately leads to his unfortunate death. A wrongful death action is filed by Newark, Ohio attorney Rob Calesaric. The process involved many contested hearings, ultimately resulting in the employer being held financially liable for the wrongful death of the worker.


An Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) officer stops a person for a turn signal violation. The officer inaccurately believes to detect the odor of alcohol. The officer administered OVI DUI field tests, and the person is administered a chemical breath test at the station resulting in a .14 reading. Upon investigation, attorney Calesaric discovered that the Licking County Sherriff’s department was destroying information, and that the officer did not follow Ohio laws and procedures for administering the tests.

Note from attorney Calesaric: You aren’t required to submit to DUI OVI tests in the field. You aren’t required to blow into a breathalyzer and when you do there are several issues which can be investigated. Was the officer within Ohio laws for the stop of your vehicle, and were the tests administered accurately? Is the officer properly certified? Many times the officer will ask you to blow longer and harder. Testimony has proven that this can result in a higher and inaccurate result. There are specific laws which govern a legal stop for DUI / OVI; It is important to seek immediate advice from an experienced OVI DUI Ohio attorney.

Wrongful Death / Uninsured Motorist

The passenger in a motor vehicle driven by a friend was northbound within the limits of Newark, Ohio. A traffic light wasn’t working, and the vehicle is struck by an SUV in the side. The resulting T-bone accident kills the driver of the car, and the passenger is severely injured and life-flighted to a trauma center. Both drivers had just above the minimum underinsured motorist coverage required by the State of Ohio. Attorney Calesaric investigated and identified that the City of Newark had not provided adequate notice that the traffic signal was out of order. Mr. Calesaric successfully negotiated a financial settlement with 3 insurance companies as well as the City of Newark, Ohio.

A driver, an apprentice tradesman, and his passenger are involved in a severe car crash resulting in both of them being ejected from the vehicle. The Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) on the scene could not determine who was at fault and charged attorney Calesaric’s client (the driver) with aggravated vehicular homicide. After attorney Calesaric’s comprehensive investigation, the experienced traffic and person injury lawyer proved his client was the victim (as well as the passenger). Personal injury lawyer Calesaric pursued an injury case for his client who had suffered traumatic brain injuries (TBI) recovering a substantial financial settlement. The client has recovered and is moving forward with his life.

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