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Theft Crime Attorney In Newark

If you are convicted on any type of theft charge, you are looking at a range of consequences. The type of punishment you are facing is often dependent on the value of the items that were stolen. The higher the value, the higher the degree of crime, the more severe consequences.

Using my knowledge of misdemeanor and felony theft charges, and how they are handled in the criminal justice system, I can help you if you are facing these types of charges. I am a theft crime attorney in Newark who can protect your rights.

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Types of Theft Crimes

I represent clients who are facing all types of theft offenses, including:

  • Shoplifting: Whenever anything is stolen from a retail establishment, it is considered shoplifting. The degree of the charge depends on the dollar value of the item or items stolen.
  • Petty theft: These types of charges deal with minor acts of theft, which are often of a low dollar amount and punishments can sometimes be negotiated with the prosecution.
  • Grand theft: A felony grand theft charge may be filed when you are accused of stealing something of a high dollar value, such as a car, jewelry or a large amount of items.
  • Robbery: A robbery charge involves an element of assault, as robbery is the act of taking something from someone by force or by the threat of force.
  • Burglary: You may be charged with burglary even if you did not steal anything, but entered a property with the intent to steal something.
  • Embezzlement: An employee-related crime, embezzlement is the unauthorized act of taking money from one’s business for personal gain.

Standing Up For Your Rights In And Out Of Court

Each case is different, and some criminal cases can best be resolved through plea deals, rather than going to trial. I know where the battles are — and how to choose my battles. If your situation is best resolved with a plea or with diversion, then that is the path we will pursue. However, if it is in your best interest to go to trial, I have the experience and ability to fight for you. When facing a criminal trial, you need to have a perceptive and experienced courtroom attorney by your side.

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