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Suspended Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Attorney

Last updated on August 19, 2020

If you drive a commercial vehicle for a living, the last thing you can afford is a commercial driver’s license suspension. Whether you face a drunk driving charge, speeding ticket or other traffic violation, a skilled suspended CDL lawyer who knows the law, the courts and the administrative processes can be a valuable ally. The criminal defense firm of Calesaric Law represents people who wish to preserve their driving privileges — especially when clients and their family depend on it.

If your personal license or CDL is suspended, you must request a license hearing within 30 days of your arraignment or both licenses can be suspended for up to five years. Your CDL may remain suspended for life in certain circumstances such as a BAC of .04 or more if you do not fight back. In reality, most insurance companies will not insure you after you have had your CDL disqualified for OVI.

Time is against you. Contact my law office to take immediate action that can save your CDL and your livelihood.

Experienced Commercial Driver’s License Suspension Help

I spent six years prosecuting traffic offense cases in Licking County before I became a criminal defense attorney. I know the process that Ohio uses to suspend your CDL from 60 to 180 days and for years if convicted. I have the insight you need to effectively protect your rights and your CDL at a suspension hearing for:

I know the nuances of the law and can help you avoid a commercial driver’s license suspension. I can also help find programs to help you resolve ongoing problems and get you back on the road and back to work.

The Knowledge And Skill To Help Restore A Revoked License

The Ohio’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) handles all vehicle license suspensions. You must follow very specific steps to have your CDL reinstated. If not handled correctly, you can seriously jeopardize your case and your future driving privileges. I can handle your case quickly and efficiently, as I regularly work with the BMV to cure traffic violations that can lead to a suspended driver’s license.

Free consultation: Contact Calesaric Law for a consultation about your commercial driver’s license suspension. My Newark law office serves clients throughout central Ohio, including Hebron.