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The Newark Advocate:

Former Alexandria Treasurer released from prison to pay restitution

Newark man charged with dealing deadly drugs

Two Newark police officers appear in court, deny charges

Newark police officer won’t be indicted

Proposed breath alcohol tests mired in litigation

Seminars directed to only judges, prosecutors are troubling


Police: Precursors to explosive device found in home of Newark rape suspect

The Columbus Dispatch:

Newark officers placed on paid leave after charges filed

Newark police officer cleared of assault charge

Court News Ohio:

Law Presuming Juvenile’s Statement in Police Custody Was Voluntary Ruled Unconstitutional

Grainville Walks:

Vehicular manslaughter charges dismissed in Granville pedestrian death

The Columbus Dispatch:

Court Ruling Allows Challenge to DUI Breath Tests

The Newark Advocate:

Charges dropped in Granville pedestrian death

NPD officer resigns after alleged crash, assault

Teen sentenced to probation for deadly crash

The Columbus Dispatch:

Patrol: Teen driver in fatal wreck had used marijuana

Listing of drunken drivers still has holes

State DUI registry is incomplete


Drunk but not guilty: Nearly 40 percent of OVI suspects not convicted

Dayton Daily News:

NTSB: Lower the legal blood-alcohol limit

University Gazette:

Researchers uncover reason for false-positive marijuana tests in babies

The Atlantic:

A first-time narcotics offender, father to three, sold pain pills to a friend. His punishment: 25 years in prison. It’s just the latest evidence that U.S. drug policy is madness.

The Athens News:

Breath-tester on trial again in local drunk-driving cases

The Newark Advocate:

Drug, alcohol citations issued at All Good Festival


Ohio’s mayor’s courts, big business

The Newark Advocate:

OVI arrests dependent on manpower


Official denies purchase of breath-testing machines was a friendship deal

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Paul Pfeifer wants to scrap the death penalty

Jurors so upset about case brought against 19-year-old that they will give the defendant their jury pay

The Newark Advocate:

Teen charged in fatal crash to remain in detention

OVI Offenders Pay a High Price

Mansfield News Journal:

Court considers issues in crash that killed Guardsman

The Newark Advocate:

Defense Attorneys Point Out Breath Test Flaws

The Huffington Post:

Private Crime Labs Could Prevent Errors, Analyst Bias: Report


Former MADD Head Charged With Drunk Driving

Herald Tribune:

Defense challenge of DUI breath tests spreading across Florida

Court decision could cast DUI cases into limbo

Dayton Daily News:

Millions of suspended licenses clog courts, fail to curb bad drivers

Anchorage Daily News:

Calibration error puts DUI tests in question: Crime

Star Tribune:

Miscalculations in DWI cases


Report Calls Out Flaws In Public Defender System

Everyone Deserves Defense

ABA Journal:

WikiLeaks Founder Free to Stay at Country Estate Under UK Appellate Decision

Federal Judge Sanctions US $600K for Secretly Taping Defense Lawyer


Federal judges urged to quit private group’s board


Lab tech may jeopardize cases

BG Views:

Little machine causes controversy surrounding Ohio’s drunken driving laws

The New York Times:

Science Found Wanting in Nation’s Crime Labs

DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated, Scientists Show


Seniors: Drink to your health

Dogs sniff out wrong suspect; scent lineups questioned

USA Today:

Many Ohio suspensions unrelated to driving

The Tribune-Star:

Illinois allowing DUI offenders portable breath test option

The Advocate:

Scammer gets early release on first of two sentences

Ohio Supreme Court takes Licking County case

State leaders seeking wider reporting of repeat OVI offenders

Web site list of multi-OVI drivers only tip of iceberg

New Year’s is popular night for OVI arrests

Including cell phones in Fourth Amendment makes sense

Licking County officials don’t foresee large impact after vehicle-search ruling

Appeals Court Throws Out Conviction

Breath-tests Unpopular

Man Says Parents Have Right to Spank

Lie Detector Clears Murder Suspect

WRONGLY ACCUSED – Authorities: Witnesses lied about murder

Eyewitness Accounts Often Lack Clear Vision

Kirkersville man gets one year in prison for vehicular assault

The Columbus Dispatch:

Ransomware cyberattack keeps Licking County vigilant

State patrol’s No. 2 officer suspended

New rules for photos of suspects called fairer

$7million DUI tests little used

Administration brushes off worries over breath-tester

Warrants used to get blood tests of 41 drivers

Akron Hospital Accused of Restraining Man to Get Blood, Urine Samples

Alcohol gauge has its critics lining up

Court Case Over Son’s Spanking Still Stings Dad

Jailed Man Goes Free After Another Confesses to Killing

Man Not Indicted in Women’s Death

Misdemeanor Conviction From Johnstown Overturned

Lewis survived jail with patience, hope

Akron Beacon Journal:

Copley man demands breath test, gets DUI charge

Droughns Show Folly Of DUI Law

The Newark Advocate:

False testimony might lead to retrial in murder case

Appeals Court Throws Out Conviction

Critics Say Ohio DUI Bill Violates Constitution

Licking County Sheriff’s Office Record-Keeping Error Affects Drunken Driving Case

Manslaughter Charge Dropped

Etna man charged

Intoxicated driving collides with holiday

Case Could Change Definition Of Obscenity

Shooting Evidence To Be Reviewed

Defense Attorneys Say DUI Law Unfair

Associated Press:

SF crime lab scandal strains justice system

Pennsylvania judges accused of jailing kids for cash

Drunken drivers roll down state information gaps

NJ court examines breath test machines

Troopers Accused of Cheating on Sobriety Tests

California’s highest court says juries can consider accuracy of breath tests in DUI cases


The $10,000 ride home

Ohio State Highway Patrol:

Impaired Driver Deaths Up Statewide

Lincoln Courier:

Common DUI Test Gets Legal Test of Its Own in Peoria County Case


County’s Breathalyzer Accuracy Called Into Question

Plain Dealer:

State urged to buy portable DUI breath testers

Senator wants to rethink purchase of DUI-test device

Cuyahoga judges approve open discovery; new rule takes effect in 90 days

Death-Row Inmate Ordered Retried or Freed

Cincinnati Enquirer:

Drunk-Driving Crackdown Passes

Desert Sun Wire Services:

DUI Offenders Could Face Monitoring Via Ankle Bracelets


Eye Recording Device Detects DUI Suspects

Phoenix New Times:

Heather Squires was arrested for DUI without drinking a drop of alcohol

Chicago Sun Times:

Honored DUI Cop Charged

Chicago Tribune:

Drug-sniffing dogs in traffic stops often wrong

Tucson Citizen:

Judge May ‘Out’ Firm’s Secret DUI Code

The Chronicle Telegram:

Lorain Law Director Charged With 4th DUI

American Chronicle:

Weight Loss Diets Can Get You Arrested for DUI

Wapakoneta Daily News:

When to Say When: WDN Staffer Pushes Testing of Breathalyzer to the Legal Limit

The Sentinel:

Local teens claim pranks on county’s Speed Cams


Minnesota Court Orders Release of DUI ‘Breathalyzer’ Source Code

Michigan DUI Help:

Problems with Breath Testing Equipment in Michigan

Base One Findings:

Huge, Huge Win in the DUI World

Gaston Gazette:

Charla Davis may have had 0.18 blood-alcohol level at time of fatal wreck, scientist says

BBC News:

Text driving ‘worse than drink’

Forensic Magazine:

Supreme Court Ruling Requires Crime Lab Analysts to Testify


Coming Soon a Breathalyzer in Every Car?


Charges Dropped Against Woman Framed by Cops


DUI defense attorneys pursue new argument

Information on Nystagmus:


Fox News:

Report: Former state lab supervisor involved in possible cover-up

Drawing Blood Will Help Stop Drunk Driving, Police Say

Washington Post:

Too drunk? Your car won’t go along for the ride

On the jury, Gene Weingarten didn’t believe the D.C. police’s eyes

Dallas Morning News.

Dallas police seek blood tests for all DWI suspects

Boston Globe:

US judge urges skepticism on forensic evidence

Chillicothe Gazette:

Ohio justice calls for end of death penalty

Free consultation: Contact me, attorney Robert Calesaric, to schedule a consultation about your case. From my office in Newark, I represent clients throughout central Ohio, including Columbus, in DUI defense, criminal defense, personal injury, and wrongful death cases.