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Traffic Offenses Lawyer In Newark, Ohio

Last updated on August 19, 2020

Many people do not take traffic violations very seriously. They may receive a speeding ticket or a citation for reckless driving, pay it and move on without considering the consequences. If you accumulate tickets, you may be facing the suspension of your driver’s license. This may also be the case if you fail to pay tickets or the ticket is for a serious traffic offense.

Help is available. I am a Newark, Ohio, traffic offenses attorney who can provide you with the insight and guidance you need when facing a traffic ticket. I work to protect my clients’ driver’s licenses, which in turn helps protect their livelihoods.

Have you had your driver’s license suspended? I can work to get it back. Call my office at 740-334-4256 to schedule a free consultation with me.

License Suspensions

  • Driver’s license suspension – No matter why your driver’s license has been suspended, it is important to get a lawyer’s help and have your license reinstated as soon as you are eligible. If you are arrested for driving with a suspended license, you risk going to jail for an extended period.
  • Commercial driver’s license suspensions – If you have a suspended CDL for drunk driving or other traffic offense, your driving privileges and livelihood are at stake. Take action early on. There are strategies that can be used to fight your CDL suspension.

Criminal Charges And Your Driver’s License

Many people do not realize that a wide range of criminal charges can have an impact on your driver’s license. It may be in jeopardy of being suspended if you do not have an aggressive defense lawyer on your side. This is where I can help protect your right to drive.

I handle a full range of felonies and misdemeanors, including white collar crimes such as fraud or embezzlement, violent crimes such as aggravated assault and felony murder, and traffic offenses such as OVI/DUI/DWI, and driving under suspension.

I often defend individuals accused of drug crimes such as drug possession, distribution, trafficking, drug cultivation and manufacturing. Among the drugs involved in these cases are marijuana, methamphetamines or crystal meth, cocaine, crack, heroin and prescription drugs such as OxyContin. For many drug-related crimes and nonviolent crimes, there might be treatment or diversion options to consider that can be utilized to avoid a license suspension and/or conviction.

Free Consultation With A Newark Criminal Defense Attorney

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