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Licking County, Newark Drug Possession and Paraphernalia Attorney

Last updated on August 19, 2020

For those charged with drug possession and related drug crimes in Ohio, a conviction can result in such penalties as misdemeanor or felony charges, jail or prison time, mandatory driver’s license suspension and possible seizure of your vehicle. You could lose a professional license, and college students can lose their financial aid and suffer full dismissal.

The law office of Robert E. Calesaric Attorney at Law has spent the last nine years defending people accused of drunk driving, drug possession and other crimes. For six years I, Robert Calesaric, was a prosecutor in Licking County pursuing cases of OVI/DUI and other criminal charges. I know how the State will prepare its case against you. This insight puts me in a better position to defend you.

Contact me today to discuss the drug possession and related charges you face involving:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine or crack
  • Heroin
  • Prescription drugs
  • Drug paraphernalia

I understand all the critical issues you face in a drug crime case. I provide meticulous investigation into such issues as; whether the police had reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle? Did they conduct an illegal search and seizure? Was a home or business search warrant valid? Were statements obtained voluntarily?

Experienced, Effective Criminal Defense In Drug Possession Cases

I will protect your Fourth Amendment rights, scrutinizing the police and prosecution’s evidence. I can use motions to suppress evidence obtained illegally, through illegal search or illegal seizure. I am also skilled in making fair plea agreements and in finding alternative sentencing options that can help reduce the penalties and limit the consequence of a drug possession conviction.

A drug crime conviction is serious and you may believe that there is no hope. However, there are legal options for protecting your rights and your reputation.

Free consultation: For a consultation about your drug possession and related charges, contact Robert E. Calesaric Attorney at Law. My Newark law office serves clients throughout central Ohio, including Lancaster and Ohio State University (OSU/Newark) or Buckeye Lake.