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Last updated on August 19, 2020

Recent changes to Ohio’s drunk driving laws provide for increasingly harsher penalties for people convicted of multiple DUI offenses within a six-year period. A breathalyzer refusal can result in twice the minimum mandatory punishments, and there is an extensive look-back period of up to 20 years for prior convictions.

Any combination of OVI-related convictions such as underage drinking, or aggravated vehicular assault or vehicular homicide, can enhance penalties on a current charge. At Calesaric Law in Newark, I provide experienced representation to drivers facing multiple OVI/DUI offenses.

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Understanding the value of experienced OVI representation

Multiple DUI offenses are complex matters to address and hiring a skilled attorney before your arraignment is in your best interests. As a former prosecutor punishing people for these very OVI/DUI crimes, I know how the case against you will be prepared.

I understand the legal technicalities and I know which OVI defenses can help you avoid or at least reduce the likelihood of going to jail or prison. There are other consequences of second or more conviction within six years:

  • Mandatory, forced blood tests during car stops
  • Mandatory license suspensions up to five years
  • Mandatory fines up to $10,000 for 4th offenses and felony DUI
  • Mandatory ignition interlock device on your vehicle
  • Vehicle forfeiture, restricted license plates, or registration on the habitual offender list after a 5th conviction

Challenging evidence in multiple DUI offenses

Like all OVI cases I handle, I focus on challenging every aspect of the prosecution’s case, from the circumstances of your arrest to the breath test, that may not be admissible at your trial. I may be able to get your case dismissed on the basis of bad science or police work. I am one of the few attorneys in central Ohio certified by the manufacturer (NPAS) in the use of Ohio’s BAC DataMaster breathalyzer machine. I also own one and frequently test circumstances that may affect the validity of the breath test results.

Free consultation: Contact Calesaric Law to schedule your consultation about facing multiple DUI offenses. My Newark law office serves clients throughout central Ohio, including Mount Vernon and Ohio State University (OSU/Newark) or Buckeye Lake.