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Legal Help for Driver’s License Suspension

In Ohio, your regular or commercial driver’s license (CDL) can be suspended for a variety of reasons:

  • Operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (OVI)
  • Driving without insurance (financial responsibility suspension)
  • Traffic citation points on driver’s license
  • Not paying child support
  • Not paying a judgment against you

No matter why your driver’s license has been suspended, it is important to get a lawyer’s help and have your license reinstated as soon as you are eligible. If you are arrested for driving with a suspended license, you risk going to jail for a long time.

I spent six years prosecuting OVI/DUI/DWI cases in Licking County before I became a defense attorney. I know the process the state uses to suspend your driver’s license because I have been there. I also know how to represent you effectively at your hearing.

Driver’s license suspensions are handled by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). There are very specific steps you must follow to have your license reinstated. If you do not handle it correctly, you could end up hurting your case. I work with the BMV on a regular basis to cure traffic violations and other situations that lead to driver’s license suspensions in the first place. As a result, I can handle your case quickly and efficiently.

Free consultation: Contact me, attorney Robert Calesaric, for a consultation about your driver’s license suspension case. From my office in Newark, I serve clients throughout central Ohio, including Columbus.