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Prescription Drug Crimes

Last updated on August 19, 2020

The number of doctors and medical professionals prescribing drugs is on the rise. There are thousands of prescription drugs on the market that are available to those who need them. Unfortunately, with the increase in prescriptions has come an increase in people abusing those prescriptions for recreational purposes.

Since law enforcement is coming down hard on those who are charged with prescription drug crimes, you need aggressive legal representation. I am a criminal defense lawyer with more than 20 years of experience with the criminal justice system. As a former prosecutor, I know how serious prescription drug offenses are taken. I am dedicated to fighting for my clients’ rights and protecting their futures.

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Types Of Prescription Drugs

Many different drugs are designed to treat a wide variety of conditions. I represent clients who are faced with charges pertaining to any type of prescription drugs, including the ones below, which are commonly abused:

  • OxyContin: A strong opiate-based painkiller
  • Morphine: A narcotic pain reliever from the opioid family of drugs
  • Vicodin: A hydrocodone and acetaminophen blend of painkillers
  • Xanax: An anti-anxiety medication
  • Valium: A depressant designed to treat anxiety disorders
  • Adderall: A stimulant prescribed for ADD/ADHD and other behavioral issues

Prescription Forgery And Abuse

In some cases, it may be alleged that the accused offender forged a prescription in order to obtain drugs. This is a very serious situation that may result in additional jail time if convicted. Even if the prescription was given to you, you can be charged if you are personally abusing the prescription or abusing it to obtain drugs to sell.

Alternatives To Traditional Punishments

While many prosecutors push for the maximum punishments in drug cases, I attempt to negotiate based on my clients’ specific situations. I may be able to secure an alternative to punishment, such as rehab instead of jail for a drug addiction. If you complete a rehabilitation program or another type of diversion program, you may be able to secure a lesser charge or a dismissal of all charges upon completion.

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