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Employers, landlords, loan officers, schools and numerous other entities perform background checks in order to determine who is a good applicant. If they find a conviction for a drug crime on your criminal record, they may be less likely to offer you an opportunity. Do not let a drug crime affect your life. Fight the charges right from the beginning.

If you are my client, I will take a hands-on approach to your drug offense case. I work to develop good relationships with my clients and I am a straight shooter. I will be prepared to take your case to trial and fight it out with the prosecution in court. I also help clients with appeals and other post-conviction remedies such as getting your arrest record expunged.

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Aggressively Handling All Drug Crimes

From minor crimes to serious offenses, misdemeanors to felonies, I handle all degrees of all types of drug charges that can be filed in criminal court, including:

  • Possession: This type of charge involves a police officer finding drugs on your person, in your vehicle, in your home or in another area that you own and is under your control. Possessing any drug paraphernalia, such as smoking pipes or drug bags, is also criminal.
  • Possession with intent to sell: When you are in possession of a certain amount of drugs that is more than would be considered “for personal use,” you may be charged with intent to sell.
  • Sale/delivery of drugs: If you have sold drugs in any amount, or even have been the one to deliver drugs on someone else’s behalf, you may be facing serious consequences.
  • Trafficking: Moving drugs from place to place, or even across state lines and into the country, may result in state and federal drug trafficking charges.
  • Manufacture/cultivation: Any efforts to create drugs (such as in a meth lab) or grow them (such as marijuana) are criminal behavior and are subject to criminal charges.

Illegal Narcotics And Controlled Substances

While I focus my attention on handling drug charges in state courts, these charges can pertain to any type of drug and any amount of the drug. From marijuana, heroin and cocaine (crack), to methamphetamines (crystal meth), LSD and MDMA (Ecstasy), I represent clients who are facing street drug charges. I also represent clients who may have been charged with violations related to prescription drugs, such as OxyContin and Vicodin.

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